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Are You Ready for a Life-changing transformation?

Join me for this 12 week journey of personalized 1:1 coaching that is designed to induce a mental, emotional, energetic, & spiritual transformation. 


The most important relationship is the one with yourself! When your inner reality changes, your life will begin to transform.

I'd be honored to show you how to love & heal yourself so that no matter what life throws your way, you know how to find your way back to peace.

lauren k williamson
lauren k williamson

In this 12 week 1:1 weekly Coaching Self-Esteem Transformation you will:

Feel more confident and increase your self-esteem!


⇨ Deepen your self-awareness and learn how to recognize any patterns that are holding you back.

Release negative and limiting beliefs about yourself.

Heal childhood hurt and trauma.


Learn how to self-soothe and release any negative emotion with ease.

⇨ Learn how to listen to the still small voice of intuition that lights the way!

Learn how to identify your ego and your highest self. 

Shift and heal your energy so that you feel happier in your body.


I'm ready to participate in my growth and healing...

  • Three month 1:1 Coaching

    Feeling like you want to have a transformation privately instead of in a group? Keep me all to yourself! Save $500 when you buy this bundle of twelve sessions
    Valid for 12 months
    • Master Emotionally Regulation (get stuck emotions out)
    • Learn how to adjust your energy & become your own healer
    • Find a way to meditate that works for you
    • Heal emotionally from past hurts
    • Transform negative or limiting beliefs about yourself
    • Connect more deeply to divinity and your higher self
    • Become mindful and gain back dominion over your mind
    • Learn how to get to the root of any issue
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