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The Prayer Weaver

Updated: Feb 24


Marie's voice was urgent and panicked as she gripped the phone tightly and told me word for word about her pain. She sputtered uneasily, concerned that she couldn't possibly tell me everything I needed to know in a twenty-minute call. Her tired eyes told a story of a woman who had been through a lot and yearned to come up for a breath. She wanted all of life's challenges to momentarily stop so she could figure out how she got to a place where she had an abusive partner who had managed to erode her self-esteem. She told me about her health struggles that were beginning to manifest and her deep confusion about life. I knew right away that Marie had a lot of unprocessed trauma and didn't love herself. I had helped thousands of people climb out of ditches that took a lifetime to create. I could see how she got there, and I knew exactly how to bring her back to life.

A year into working with Marie, she had become empowered, single, independent, self-aware, and emotionally resolved. She had developed a spiritual practice that brought her back to peace when she felt out of alignment.

At the end of every session, we would pray together. Not in a religious way but spiritually and affirmatively. I understand when people's bellies are so filled with the nonsense and pain of religion that they feel uncomfortable with the notion of prayer. But I never like to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Affirmative prayer is a spiritual technology in the same way meditation is. The point of prayer is not to ask a man in the sky to give you blessings but to realize that you are already blessed and to use your words as a vibratory power to create your reality. In this philosophy and way of thinking, the universe has already given you everything you will ever need. It is within you and was given to you when the universe created you. In the same way, a flower has all its functions encoded in its seed; you also have every quality latent within your essence that you will ever need. You have limitless qualities and capacities because you were made in the image and likeness of the cosmic force, which is everything.

I like to think of the cosmic force as electricity. Whether you use it or know about it, it's always there and has always existed. However, you can develop the tools and technology to plug into it and harness its power. In the same way, you can touch the power of God or the universe. (I use all of these words interchangeably.) You can connect to the infinite. This power and presence is bigger than any problem we have and can heal all of its creations. And by communing with it, you become the vibrational answer to your prayer. The point of prayer is to touch this power, let it move through and as you, and activate what was already given to you. Affirmative prayer is one way the power of the cosmos can be let in to resolve, shift, heal, and move metaphorical mountains for you.

To pray effectively, you must have a movement in your consciousness; this is key. Sometimes, that looks like a release of emotion. Sometimes, that's a realization or aha moment that results in a new way of thinking. And sometimes, it just looks like gratitude and acceptance.

Marie and I were intentional with our words, like seamstresses weaving a new fabric of reality into being. We did this and prayed to affirm Marie's inherent wholeness, divine perfection, and completeness at the end of every session.

One day, Marie asked me if we could pray for her brother, "Absolutely," I said.

I received a picture of her brother in the mail one winter morning shortly after. I told her I received his photo and asked why she wanted to pray for him.

She explained that he had been incarcerated at 23 for being involved in a neighborhood boy's fight that led to a fatal punch that tragically ended a young man's life. Her brother was in jail for 16 years. During that time, he had transformed from a lost, misguided, and scared kid into a man with many degrees and active leadership roles within the prison, and, most importantly, he had become heart-centered. ( I did a remote energy session on him once with his permission, and his remorse, shame, and guilt were tremendous.)

I told Marie that we could pray for her brother's highest good to unfold, the highest good of all involved, and no more or less. And so we began.

It started with a prayer a day. An alarm would go off on my phone, and Marie and I would jump on the phone. We visualized her brother as free and happy. We envisioned the boy who had passed away's mother, feeling at peace. We prayed a lot for her healing and well-being. We asked for all karma between everyone involved to run completion if it was for the highest good of everyone involved.

Her brother's review was coming up. He had been denied many times, and his family had lost hope. I advised Marie that she couldn't simultaneously worry and pray for her brother. They are two separate vibrations, and the stronger vibration transmutes the other.

And so she chose to be in celebration that he was coming home even if it seemed foolish. More specifically, we prayed for the quality of freedom to emanate and illuminate her brother's being. We knew that if he felt like a free man, his internal reality would create his external reality.

Marie continued her prayers for her brother once she felt confident in her practice. She did this for months, and her prayers included visualizing light and love being sent to everyone involved. Marie had many transcendent experiences where she connected to the young man who was tragically killed. She kept feeling his warmth, forgiveness, and love. It was as though he was letting her know that he was okay, that this event was part of a bigger plan, and that he wanted her brother to be given a second chance.

The mother of the deceased young man would usually show up at Marie's brother's reviews and contest his release. For some reason, for the first, she didn't show up & Marie's brother was finally released.

The End.

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