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How to include your HEART in your next big decision!

Updated: Feb 24

Making decisions, especially big decisions, isn’t always straightforward but I love it when it is! Those times you just seemingly know deep in your belly or heart what feels aligned.


When you feel into the heart you are connecting with the energetics of a situation. It is not logical and can often seem counterintuitive to the mind, but can yield great wisdom. Your heart has the ability to run energy through it. It is a master feeler. It is like a thermometer that can give you a good read on almost anything.

For example, let's say I'm choosing to move to either Colorado or Bali. Those two options are going to impact my energy very differently. I decided to feel into these two options when writing this post! Colorado felt very grounding while Bali felt very light and inspiring. They did very different things to my energy. You can do this with any choice that you are unsure about!

This post is not about discrediting the head. We need it, and when we can use it without it using us, we tend to make decisions that are nourishing and supportive. When we use our minds with our hearts we access a genius navigation system, designed by the universe itself! This internal compass is here to lead you to more fulfilling experiences!

How to Listen to the Heart.

Step 1

Get it all out! I like to let the mind state its case first. That way, it’s less likely to talk over the more gentle parts of who we are. The voice of the heart and body is softer, more like a whisper or a breeze.  And that's one reason it's easy to miss. Write in your journal and just vomit onto the page. This will help you empty yourself so you have more inner space and a quieter mind.

Step 2

Step one is similar to step two. Write a pros and cons list. This will give your logical mind a chance to air. Now that your mind got its vote in, let it all go! It's time to focus on the parts of ourselves that don’t often get a say and have immeasurable wisdom.

Step 3

Step into your body. Breathe deeply, and put your hand on your heart. Notice any physical sensations happening in your body. Physical sensations can be anything from heaviness to tingliness, to warmth. Just notice and observe. It's important to not judge or control this process so your body will feel safe.

Step 4

Time to wake up the heart! You can gently tap your sternum with your index and middle finger until your chest feels tingly. This will probably be between 25 and 50 times.

Step 5

Write your different choices on a small piece of paper, folding it so you don't know which choice is on each paper. (Read that again if you're confused! haha ) Hold the paper in your hands and allow yourself to feel any bodily sensations, emotions, or impressions that come up. Spend a few minutes here. Just breathe and do your best to feel instead of think. Now bring the folded piece of paper to your heart and repeat, sensing any subtle shifts in your body. Sometimes this information comes in colors, textures, or even images that flash across the screen of your mind. Sometimes I feel cool and tingly or ablaze with fire in my chest. There are no rules by which the heart can speak to you.

At this point, your heart is running the energy of your situation through it, almost like an air filter takes in the air.

So it’s important to ask yourself if you like the sensation. With a little practice, you will become fluent in the language of your heart. I hope in time it will prove to be an invaluable compass on your journey of life!

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